Welcome To hccfaithwalk

Huntsburg Congregational Church
A member church of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

We are pleased to announce that we are going to open the church for in-person worship services beginning on Sunday, May 17.  Here are a few details about our plans:


1. If you feel sick and/or have a fever, please stay at home.


2. We will practice social distancing. Parishioners may sit by family in designated areas only, avoiding the areas that are marked off for distancing purposes.


3. Face coverings. Cloth masks are strongly recommended for all attendees, but are not required.


4. We are following the “no contact” guidelines, so please refrain from handshaking or hugging.


5. No children’s services. There will not be any Sunday School classes or Nursery services. Any children in attendance will need to remain with their parent/guardian.


6. Offering. We will not pass offering plates, but will have a designated collection box where attendees may place their offering envelopes as they are exiting the sanctuary.


7. Vulnerable population. We are encouraging at-risk individuals (such as the elderly or people with certain underlying medical conditions) to remain at home until such a time as you feel comfortable returning to in-person services. 


8. Online sermons. We will continue to post our sermons on our church YouTube channel (Huntsburg Congregational Church). Please view sermons on YouTube by clicking here.
All groups and studies are suspended during this time.

No matter where you are on your walk, we’re glad you’re here.

Whether your exploring the idea of God’s truth for the first time or you’ve grown with the reality of Jesus for decades, we’d love to walk along with you.  And if you walk with us for any distance you will no doubt hear three words.

Truth – – – We believe that what God has done and said is true. He does not change ( James 1:17 ). You can count on God, you can count on the Bible.

Grace – – – The word means gift. We don’t get to God’s truth because we earn it. We don’t go to Heaven because we deserve it. It is a gift from God that He paid for with his own blood on the cross.

Jesus – – – He’s the grace . We just have to believe what He did for us, and receive His mercy.

In a nutshell that’s who we are and that’s why we’re here. To get, grow in, and give God’s truth of grace through Jesus.